Monday, August 4, 2014

Packing my bags and blogging

Bags are almost packed and its time for a break, so its off to surf the internet for a bit and to blog.  In about 12 hours, I'll be taking off from SFO and heading back to the big mango....yeah!

These last three weeks seem to have passed by so slowly, especially the last one.  There was plenty to do, but unlike on the other bookend where the days just fly by, it was like I spent three months here.  The bad thing is that I will have to come back and stay another 3 weeks in late September.  This zig-zaging back and forth is necessary as I try to finish off my ground lease deal with our developers. Until all the contingencies are removed, the developers can't start and there is no income coming in for me. Corporate committees and government agencies are very slow working entities, and what better place than the land of smiles to wait for them to get their act together.  Nothing I can do by being here, but I plan to come back every month until the deal finally closes.  After that, I will be set for a long time  - care free and footloose.

With all this traveling, I've been buying my tickets directly from the EVA website.  The nice thing about using their site is that one can pay for part of the fare with mileage.  I prefer this over getting a free flight for a couple of reasons.  First, the cost of a free ticket is about the same as getting a bunch of small discounts off of each flight, especially flights during the high season.  Secondly, if you get a free flight coupon, those flight usually come with no mileage, so you lose out on a bunch of mileage if you add to two up.  I had a bunch of mileage that was going to expire this year so it worked out really well and I got $100 off the fare.  Lastly, their rates are also very competitive and often they have promotions for their card members.

Time to go back for some last minute packing and then a short nap before heading off for the airport.  More from Taipei..

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