Thursday, August 7, 2014

Posting from the resort

Still a bit jet lagged, but doing well.  No better place to relax and recover than being up here at the resort with the family.  B's birthday is today and we will be having a party tonight down near the water.  The bulk of the family is here and once a few more show up, we will be going down with the food and B's cake.  She specifically wanted  S&P cake, so we had to stop by an S&P in the mango before coming up here because there aren't any up here.  In my opinion, S&P cake is ok, but that's her choice and its her birthday after all.  I like the cakes from "Secret Recipe" better..yum yum.   

If someone wants to start a business up here and can bake, there is a wide open market.  Wedding cakes have to be special ordered from the mango or Korat, and the only cakes available for other occasions  are little round 'one bond' cakes from two little storefront shops in two nearby towns, 27 km apart.

I started to look for a commercial ovens about a month ago because I wanted to bake rolls and bread, but maybe Sevenwinds might just be the next great  pastry/cake chef in these parts...555  After all, that's what they call me around here instead of my name as they can't say 'R's very well.  "Cake, sabbai dee mai?"

Will likely spend the weekend here upgrading the router and checking out the building improvements that were made in my absence.  

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