Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rain is on and off, but Spirit House dedication appears to be on.

Its been sunny and then the rain starts again, but its so green up here that it reminds me of how the enchanted forest should look like. The morning was beautiful as I woke up for my walk - cool, clean, fresh country air mixed with the noise and color of the countryside.  The sun was just peeking out from behind some scattered clouds and by about 8AM, it was bright and sunny enough for me to do some spraying of our Plumeria trees.  The trees have been in the ground a year now, and they have produced lots of fragrant flowers.  We have 14 plumeria trees of which there are 6 different varieties.  Our largest tree was given to us by B's grand father and is over 10 years old.  

One of my small plumeria trees in the center

I've always liked the look of Plumeria trees ever since I first saw them in the Islands and in Singapore.  Once considered a 'bad luck' tree in Thailand, its now become a very popular plant for highway medians, resorts, and backyards.  The climate is on the warm side up here during the hot season and last winter, some of  the plants went dormant and dropped their leave, but they have done well.   They are fragrant and I will have to teach the workers how to make Leis from the flowers.  We can give them to our guests on arrival and/or put them in their rooms to add a smell of paradise for their stay.

The platform for the spirit house was completed yesterday, and just a few minutes ago, two pickup trucks arrived to deliver the stuff for the blessing.

Cement platform with tiles...electrical service too...

This Ganesh (The Lord of Success) will be blessed  and reside in the spirit house
and be the guardian of our land and bring us good luck

The priestess/astrologist also came and is in our main room getting some food.  She is supposed to be very famous, dedicating spirit houses for politicians like former prime ministers, office buildings, shopping centers, and even the Suvarnabhumi Airport.  B tells me her fees are usually around 200K baht, but we are getting her services for free due to family friendship so I better behave and be nice.  Likely we will have to tip her for expenses and time as she is going to spend all night here getting things ready.

One of two pickups loaded to the brim

Our expert Priestess and Astrologer

Getting things ready in the main building of the resort

 More tomorrow as it supposed to be the ceremony and a lucky day....twenty eighth day of the eight month. 

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