Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Riding out the storm

Posting from upcountry again as I returned yesterday after some golf with friends at Pak Chong. But its been raining very hard with thunder and lightning during the last few hours, drenching the area and creating quite a mess.  Rained hard all last night as well.  Had my internet knocked out a few minutes ago (but it came back up quickly) and there have been power interruptions all day long.

The trip to Pantip plaza with Bangkok buddy last week really paid off as the new UPS unit I bought kept everything running despite a dozen or more brief outages and spikes.  I found a locally produced UPS unit with 1000 watts of backup power and three batteries on sale.  For extra protection, I also put an APC surge protector in front of the UPS unit although it supposedly already has surge protection.  

I highly recommend that if you come over to the LOS and bring your laptop, pack a good surge protector for your system as the electrical service here is pretty flaky at times, especially during thunderstorms.  

Spirit House Update:
The platform for the spirit house has been completed and I will take some pictures tomorrow when the rain lets up.  Plans are for the ceremony to take place in two days, but with all the rain, I'm not sure if its going to happen.  Anyway, preparations are already being made and B still has to locate a larger spirit house for her ganesh in the next day or two.  

Time to cozy up and sip some hot tea and watch some downloaded TV programs while we wait out the storms....

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