Tuesday, August 12, 2014

So you think you are safe????

For those that think that they are safe from a total societal breakdown, the events at Ferguson, Missouri should be a wake up call.  And this was just an event triggered by a shooting - to me, nothing but an excuse to riot and loot.  It demonstrates how the belief that the police will be there to protect us in an emergency is flawed, and that the only safety is in your own preparedness and ability to defend yourself and your family.  After the stores are looted, they will come to your homes for more.  

It also demonstrates how quickly things can go bad and that one has no time to react to these events when they do occur unless you are prepared already.  Just imagine what would happen if there is an extended EBT systems crash - we computer people know that is highly probable in today's technical world.

We are so close to the edge but most Americans are so blissfully thinking that "It won't happen here, and especially to me" that when things do hit the fan, they will be totally unprepared to the degree of violence that will befall them.

Will you be ready?

They better not be knocking on my door.......

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