Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Spirit House-Update

A lot has happened today so there will be supplemental post today before the actual ceremony tomorrow.

This can't be the right spirit house...looked like a bird house
and wouldn't fit our Ganesh

There was a bit of excitement today when the spirit house was delivered.  Evidently there was some communications error when B purchased it as they sent the wrong structure.  B was not here at the resort at the time when they were setting it up, but her Grandfather and I realized right away this could not be the right spirit house as it was too small and the base too slim for the platform.  It was a nice spirit house, but as you can tell in the picture, it was inappropriate for the base and the danger of it blowing over in a strong wind was evident.  

This structure was obviously meant for a corner location with an internal insert at the base to keep it steady during strong winds.  Luckily, B was still in town and a quick call alerted her to the problem and she went over to the store.  Things finally got clarified, plus a few thousand baht exchanging hands, got us the proper spirit house delivered. 

Three people to carry this base

Some money and other goodies were put into the base for good luck

Now that's the right one

The top piece is finally installed

The team was over pretty quickly and exchanged the structure.  The new one was the correct size and height and will fit the Ganesh comfortably.  Lucky for us that the owner of the shop is also one of the nephews of  B's Grandfather so there was no fact, we got a big discount and they will use our installation as a reference for their potential customers.

B's Grandfather and store owner inspect the installation

Now that's more like it....

In the meantime, the astrologer and her team are assembling all the decorations and props for tomorrow.  Five ladies are doing various chores and will likely work late tonight.  B has to cook for them and likely we are going to get up early tomorrow so that's it for now...more tomorrow.  In the meantime, here is a link to tell you all about spirit houses in Thailand: 

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