Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Half way across the bookends of the world and relaxing at the EVA lounge.  Smooth trip so far, despite a storm warning of a typhoon in the area.  I think we will just skirt the storm, as its heads north towards Japan and China.

No changes to the airport since last trip, and the EVA lounge is still serving good food.  They have several lounges now, but all except the Star lounge are for their Diamond card holders.  We low life gold card members are relegated to the same lounge as before.  It does beat sitting at the gate and there is free WiFi and food so no complaints here.

Promised B that I would visit the duty free shops here and get her some perfume as it's her birthday the day after tomorrow.  

The big news here is the large gas explosion.  It's playing constantly on the lounge TV and just like the tragedy in the Bay Area, the pipes were old and in need of repair and inspection.  Likely the people responsible here will go to jail.  The people in California haven't even been identified and a cover-up has just been uncovered...go figure.

More later from the Mango,

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