Saturday, August 2, 2014

Water everywhere, but not a drop to drink

Two days to go, and then its back to the mango, and water!  Actually, its been kinda of weird as we here in California are trying to conserve water again.  I remember when I lived in San Francisco back in the 80s when we had seven years of drought and were allocated only 47 gallons of water a day per person.  It was a time of navy showers, dead lawns, dirty cars, saving cold water from the facet  to flush the toilets and not flushing after a #1, and making sure that all our key plants didn't die.  

They told us back then that it was the worse drought in history.  Guess what, its back and worse than the time before.  Its going to impact agriculture production too, one of the main sources of revenue for the state.  In ancient times, when droughts appeared, huge civilizations migrated out of the area or just died off.  Is California headed in that direction?  Don't worry, the government will save us...

The scary thing is that some believe that we can have a decades long drought.  Maybe even 100 years or more if history repeats itself.  Many forget that Southern California was a desert before water was brought into the area from the Colorado and up north.  In fact, most of California was a desert, except in the far why should we expect it to be any different just because we've decided to build here in this artificial environment?  Many people living here are not aware or just don't care, except when they get fined.

How long can we survive without water?  Only a matter of days and the hottest time of the year has yet to come, so brace yourself for some hard times ahead, heavy fines, and if there is no water by next year...panic.  Why California hasn't invested in desalination plants has long confounded me.  Instead of spending all this money on state and social services, they should have invested in infrastructure.  We have a huge coast line with hundreds of miles of water.  It would have made sense to make a few desalination plants just in case we have some drought years like now...but thus is the state of socialist Kalifornia.

So long crazy Kalifornia, can have my 47 gallons a day while I am away.

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