Thursday, September 11, 2014

California Bound....

A short three weeks in California.  A quick trip.  A fast turnaround.  yada yada yada....That is what keeps me from being down as I get ready to go to the airport.  But I'm taking a more positive view of it recently, always keeping in mind that Bangkok is my home now and that a trip to California is nothing more than a business trip.  I have roots here in the land of smiles and love my city of angels and the friendly Issan countryside.    

Going to the States does gets harder each time as Marina gets older.  She is starting to understand long absences and I am trying to be here for all those precious moments during her childhood development.  I was glad to see her take her first steps while I was here and who knows what she will be able to learn and do when I get back!  I'm taking the late afternoon flight from EVA which I like because it gives me almost the entire day for something else before my departure.

Spent yesterday doing errands in the morning and packing in the early afternoon.  Around 4PM, I met up with Bangkok Buddy for an early dinner at Oishi.  It was nice to not have to fight the crowds for food and the service was very quick on the cook-to-order items.  It was not a great plan for my diet, but what the heck, it was my last day in the mango for a while. 

Afterwards, we went shopping at Fortune Town as I waited for my pair of shooting glasses to be finished.  A stop at Amorn yielded the kid proof socket inserts for 20 baht and now I only have to find some cabinet locks in California.  Relocating all the stuff from down low to high shelves is next on the agenda when I get back.  

By the way, the shooting glasses came out great so there is no excuse for me missing targets now except my lack of talent.  Time to get ready to go...more in Taipei or back in Kalifornia....

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