Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Couple of days left on this end.

With just a couple of days left on this bookend, I spent the morning and early afternoon at Bobae Market.  Most of the clothes here doesn't suit my taste (nor do they fit me), but there are a couple of shops that sell shirts and Tees that I like a lot.  Polo-OTOP is one of those stores that I like to visit to buy their Cool Plus fabric shirts.  The material has exceptional wicking properties like Dri-Fit and was originally invented in Taiwan, even though most of the production is now from China.  I've purchase shirts here for our Salon, resort, and even for my kite team.  These polos feel like cotton, but they wick sweat faster without loading and dry overnight on a hanger without wrinkles.  One of the shirts that I would recommend for my 'endless' travel bag.

I was also looking at the various shops selling baby clothes.  There are no designer brands here, but lots of clothes for everyday wear.  Toddlers grow up so quickly and are so hard on their clothing that it doesn't make sense to pay a lot of money for designer or licensed clothing for them.  Bobae offers the same clothing you see sold at the various shops and stalls in the city - only at wholesale prices.  Some shops will only allow you to buy a minimum of 3-6 pcs, while others are a bit more lax in this requirement.  After all, its supposed to be a wholesale market.  Prices are about 60% of the prices usually charged at the retail stalls.  

Bobae market is a flurry of activity at all times of the day.  I was once there at 3AM (another story for another time) for their 'night' market and the streets were jammed full.  Bring walking shoes as there is a lot of floors and merchandise to see.  Be sure to check out all the alleys and streets around the tower as well as many shops there offer better prices than inside the aircon tower.  The best way to go to Bobae Market without a car is to take the Underground to Hua Lamphong and then hop a taxi.  It should be no more than 35 - 45 baht from there, depending on traffic.

After a long, late afternoon nap, I wandered down Soi Suan Phu in search of something to eat and discovered a new Rotee stand.  I had not eaten Rotee for a while.  When I was visiting the South of Thailand during kite festivals, I would have two or three every morning from the local vendors. Rotee stands and stores are everywhere in the South of Thailand but they are fairly hard to find here in the mango.  I ordered two banana and egg rotee for 35 baht each ($1).

They are terrible for your diet as they are loaded with oil/butter, sugar, and lots of calories - but they sure taste good.  A couple of Rotee and a cup of strong coffee will keep you on a sugar and caffeine high all morning long...5555   We needed that during our kite festivals.   I guess I now have a favorite stall near my condo...good thing he is not around in the mornings...I would be there everyday.

One more day of errands and hanging out tomorrow.  Plans are to go to Central Rama 9 for dinner and then pick up my shooting glasses.

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