Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday, Monday

Had a fun and productive weekend.  Since it was going to be my last weekend here this month, it had to be packed with things to take care of and to do.  But Saturday morning was allocated for a trip out to Hua Mak Archery Range with Bangkok buddy for the Free Archery Lessons.  Unfortunately, we struck out as there was some kind of national tournament going on with teams from all over the area attending.  We did get to see the competitors shoot the 70m targets and it was interesting to see how high the arrows had to arc in order to reach the target before they were pulled down by gravity.  

If I remember my physics laws of nature, objects fall due to gravity at a rate of 32 feet per second per second.  With that in mind, and the speed of the arrows, if it took one second for the arrows to reach the target, then the archer had to aim 32 feet higher than the target in order for it to find its mark.  Since I had neither the arrow speed or time, it was a pointless exercise in trying to compute how high  except that they did have to aim pretty high and it was neat to see the arrow arch onto the targets close to the bull-eye.  It makes the case for faster bows and arrows as they will cast a flatter trajectory and makes it more forgiving.

Since we couldn't shoot at Hua Mak, we decided to visit Archery Thai for a few hours to rent their lanes.  It wasn't too crowded and the time spent there was fun.  

Afterwards, we went over to Sizzler for some lunch and hung out at Central Rama IX mall which is just about 10 minutes away by car.  Lunch there can be expensive as I ended up ordering a pair of prescription shooting glasses for use on the ranges (for rifles, pistols, and now archery).  I have a slight astigmatism in both eyes and even with my Lasik operation, I don't have perfect 20/20 vision and these will help a lot in closing my groups.  Last session in my hour time limit on the right.

Love the service here as the glasses will be ready in a couple of days, custom made, and in the frame style that I want.  Not cheap, but a lot cheaper than I could get them in the US.  

Sunday morning was spent on shopping for Marina and stuff to bring back to California.  Crashed and took a long nap in the late afternoon after a hard morning workout at the gym.  I really needed to recharge my batteries for the last few days here on this end of the planet.  

Today, after some errands this morning, I might go out and check out the archery range again or go to the golf driving range.  Either way, its only play after some work in the morning...else life here will be all play and no work...   But isn't that why I like it here so much anyway???

All play and no work....I could come to like that a lot.   

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