Wednesday, September 3, 2014

One week before Kalifornia again...

About a week left on this end of the bookend before going to Kalifornia for around three weeks.  Once there, I plan on some business and shopping and maybe a short trip or two within the state.  Plans are tentative, depending on the business requirements.  I'm glad I won't be staying long as the 'save the world' legislators are proposing to ban all plastic bags from stores in the entire state.  But no worries, there won't be any food and veggies left to put into the bags because of the drought and poor water management anyway.  

In the meantime, its been great to be in the mango for the last few days.  Got a chance to go to the Archery range again yesterday and shot for about an hour.  I think the bow is pretty close to being properly set up in terms of its sights.  The groupings are pretty decent for a beginner, only thing is the center of the groups are a bit high for the moment.  That could be because of the sights or just as likely, the shooter.  Will go out again tomorrow in the afternoon with Bangkok Buddy and do some more experimenting with the sights.  I have a very good starter bow and will likely upgrade in a few months to something more serious.

Had a chance to talk a bit with one of the partners of the archery range yesterday, named Mike.  He is Thai, but spent quite a few years in Southern California in the archery business before coming back to the Land of Smiles.  Very nice and knowledgeable guy who speaks great English.  One of the best ways to meet great people here in Thailand is to join common interest groups and sports.  My life here has been helped and enriched so much by my Thai golfing and Kite Flying friends that I would likely have left long ago if it were not for them.

In the meantime, I've also been keeping an eye open for a better bow on Ebay.  I'm trying to find a Hoyt Pro Edge Elite that fits my specs (bows need to properly fitted to  your body and strength requirements to perform optimally).  Bows are pretty pricey here in the Land of Smiles but used ones are about 60% of the list price on eBay and they are 2014 models!  With some luck, I will be bringing one back in October.

Its likely that I will not go upcountry again until after my trip to Kalifornia.  No time left and I would really like to take a day trip or two with Marina down to Hua Hin.  A bit of shopping and a bit of fun and the week will fly by very quickly.

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