Wednesday, October 1, 2014

She's here!

Finally after 15 months of waiting, my custom SVI Infinity arrived this morning.  Ever since I started shooting and collecting 1911s, I've always wanted to save up for an Infinity.   I even have a few airsoft replicas that I shoot at the resort and at paper box targets in the mango.   They are custom made to order with the best parts one can make or find.  They make almost every part of the gun in house to their exacting standards.   

Getting the pistol wasn't easy.  Aside from the waiting time, there were California regulations that had to be overcome.  Was it worth it?  Yep...every single day and dollar.  When it comes to custom articles, everyone will have their own opinion on what they like...thus it wouldn't be custom if it wasn't exactly what we wanted right?  

SVI has a website that allows one to specify every little detail about the pistol you want...even down to a custom serial number if desired.  The program, called 'gunbuilder' is used as the control and design spec tracker as the pistol moves from design to manufacturing.  Their website is located here:  So here is my custom new baby...

The frame and slide are all stainless steel.  The gold colored accents are really Titanium Nitride coated parts that make them harder, smoother, and more resistant to normal wear.  I wanted a Rolex 'Stainless Steel and Gold' look to give the pistol elegance along with its performance and firepower. does have a personal serial number (its been partially obscured for security reasons).  

I have to wait for some special lubrication the manufacturer recommended and will give it a good once over before going to the range.  Hope I can do it before I leave this weekend - else she will go into the safe for a bit to rule over her subjects...she is my current safe queen of pistols.

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