Friday, September 19, 2014

Shopping for a not so old classic

As I am approaching my third or forth childhood (I've lost count), I have been looking for a car to buy to back-up my old CRV with over 200K miles on it.  Not that I don't have any confidence in that little CRV running for another 100K,   

At the start of this year I wanted to find a car that I've longed for, but could never afford, when it was new.  This car is not yet a classic, and the prices vary all over the board, but I feel that in five to ten years, it will establish itself as a highly collectible vehicle.  I've let many cars get away when I had a chance to buy them cheap like a 1957 T Bird convertible and back in the late 60s I had a chance to buy a used Mustang Shelby GT350 for only $6000.   The timing was not right and at that time, it was money that I could not spare.

The car I am shopping for now is a 1989 Mercedes 560SL.  Its 25 years old this year and can qualify for classic license plates here in California.  I'm not a fan of Mercedes automobiles except this one.  Ever since I first saw them in the 1980s, I've always wanted to own one.  But the price tag was over $60K back then and be the equivalent of 120K  or more now.  It was far too expensive for my blood at the time with two little kids and a mortgage.  It was a car for millionaires and rich people, not me.

But it was superb automobile and 1989 was the last year that they made this body style with the R107 chassis.   Made in Germany with a top speed of 139 mph, a 560cc engine, and luxury on top of luxury it was considered one of the best touring roadsters of its time.  Its heavy, smooth, solid, and a gas guzzler - but in today's age of political correctness, I would just pull up to a Prius and flash a big smile before hitting the gas pedal...555

Yep, its a convertible with two tops..a soft top and a removable hardtop.

After 25 years, its finally getting to a point where I can finally afford one and my challenge is to find a decent one before they are all gone.  There were less than 7000 made and fortunately people who bought them were usually well off and maintained the cars well.  

I have a couple of leads for cars on the East Coast, but hopefully I can work out all the logistics of getting the car here before I head back to the land of smiles.  More info on the MB 560SL here.  Wish me some luck!

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