Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Shot my first Robin Hood..........

I got my new bow last weekend and was anxious to test it out at a great range in the Oakland hills (more about this range in another post).  The bow was a former competitor's bow and he changes equipment every year so I was fortunate to nab a great bow at a very reasonable price, plus accessories and even a case!  

My new Pro Edge Elite

Anyway, today while I was shooting the new bow, I shot what is called a 'Robin Hood' from 35 yards out.  If one is old enough, you will remember the movies or TV where Robin Hood was so good that he shot an arrow inside an arrow that was already in the bulls-eye.  In modern archery times, when a arrow lands cleanly inside the tube of another arrow already on the target and splits it, its called a Robin Hood.  

Robin Hood!  Too bad it wasn't in the bulls-eye
But look at the grouping at 35 yards!

Well during one of my last sessions, I shot a clean RH.  The bad news is that I've now destroyed two arrows, but at least I have validated that I have one heck of a bow.  I've also validated that the arrows I got from China are going to work out just fine as I am not so sorry if I had spent some big money on some fancy, expensive arrows.   

Clean into the first shaft about ten inches...

Was it just a lucky beginner's shot...or ????

Robin Hood, Robin Hood, Riding through the glen
   Robin Hood, Robin Hood, and his band of men..... ha ha ha

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