Tuesday, September 30, 2014

This hobby is getting expensive!

This the the 40-80 yard practice range

Went to the archery range this morning in the Oakland hills.  Part of the East Bay Regional parks district, the Redwood Bowman's archery range is a convenient and excellent course for all kinds of archery.  They have trails courses where there are targets that simulate hunting in the woods as well as target archery ranges at various distances.  Once there, it seems like you are out in the country and its peaceful and quiet.  Located right next to the Chabot Space and Science Museum, there is free covered parking.  And the fees are very reasonable at $5 suggested donation.  Their website link is here.  http://www.redwoodbowmen.org/

10-35 yard practice range

Shooting and hangout area

While shooting today, I shot my second 'Robin Hood', this time at 30 yards.  So..two more arrows to the trash bin.  With the advent of todays' compound bows, sights, and releases, I now believe that shooting your own arrow is not so usual and uncommon, so I have to figure the cost of replacement arrows into the cost of the hobby.  

Another one?

While I was at the archery range in Thailand last month,  Bangkok buddy and I was quoted a price of over $500 for a dozen 'competition' arrows.  When my jaw dropped at the quote, I realized that arrows are very similar to golf balls.  The golf balls used by the pros are expensive - and only they or very good players can benefit from their characteristics.  Arrows are the same way...if super straight and micro precision arrows is what is needed to win an Olympic gold metal or competition, then I would say go for it.  But for a beginner and non competitor like myself, there is little benefit for me with my present skills.  If I make the Olympic team, then I might splurge on a few dozen..but until then,  no $500/dzn arrows.

So...I've been using arrows from a Chinese factory that produces OEM arrows for large distributors.  These arrows are very cheap, but have very similar specs to name brand arrows -- obviously overruns or rejects from the 'prefect' arrows sold at 2-3 times the price.  They even took my order for custom vane colors!  At $65 per dozen, its still over $5 an arrow.  

Anyway, a few more days to go so I'm just finishing off my chores and waiting for that big bird to carry me back home.   

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