Thursday, September 4, 2014

We're in Big Trouble now....

Marina took her first solo steps yesterday...a prelude of things to come.  Its a milestone in child development but it also signals a change for us as parents that they will quickly be mobile and will be getting into everything that is within reach.  B thought she was on the late side to walk, but considering Marina was a month premature and that both my other kids walked at 14 months, her timeline is right on track.  She is walking at 14 months plus one week of her birth age.  Also its not because her of physical and motor development as she has some of the strongest legs and arms I've seen in a baby.  She has just been so curious about everything else in her environment and could get around so easily on all fours that finally she has just developed the interest to walk.

I remember both my other kids first steps and I'm glad I was here to witness and capture Marina's first steps.  Some time in the future, hopefully she will play it back and be glad we captured these precious moments because once they pass, they are gone forever.  Baby's first's first shoes....super precious for this start over dad.  

Gone however, are those innocent times where they stay in one spot for the most part and you can keep an eye on them.  Now they will walk and soon run and keeping up with them will be a big challenge.  Its time to kid proof the condo, the resort, and any place else she might get into.....yes, we are in big trouble now....

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