Tuesday, October 28, 2014

All is well in La La land

Just a couple hours after the last post, a couple of TOT technicians rolled up the roadway in the resort.  Looks like the persistence in escalating the matter in TOT management finally got us somewhere.  Or maybe it was B storming into the local TOT office yelling about our poor service and writing down everyone's name, rank, phone number, etc. that did the trick.  Whatever the formula, it seemed to get their attention.  

yes, but yelling in person at the local office may have helped.

The resort had been without dial tone and ADSL for more than 7 days.  I didn't know about it until I arrived on Sunday.  All day yesterday, I kept getting the run-a-around from the call center and the 'local technicians'.  I got the story that my problem was fixed already, there was a local outage for everyone, from a cable problem, to 'they are analyzing your problem".  Finally I had enough and insisted on talking to the chief of the call center and then the chief of customer support.  I told them that by the end of today if I did not get service restored or at least a commitment time, I was going to lodge a complaint at the NBCT, go the local consumer help channel radio station and newspapers for help.  I told them I guaranteed that they would have more work and trouble to deal with than if they just fixed my problem..as I was not looking for trouble.  

I normally don't go to such extremes, and abide pretty much with the 'jai yen' approach to problems and issues here in the land of smiles.  But this particular TOT office has been a pain the butt for us to deal with every since the beginning, when they held our order for ADSL for months - even to the point where B's mother had to pay a bit of 'tea money' to make things happen.  When B and I heard about that and how they were dragging their feet in this repair...essentially holding us hostage for perhaps some more 'tea money', for a normal service call, I really let them have it and took off the kid gloves.  

When the technicians did show up, they gave us some bullsh*t about our phone being bad, etc.  Well, I was sure the phone was not bad and we are using it at this moment.  Oh, did I tell you I worked for a big, very big phone company in America for 27 years?....older than you are sonny boy?

After all the drama, its life as normal back at the resort.  We are plugged in again and have access to the world.  All is well in la la land.

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