Friday, October 24, 2014

Back Early to the Mango

Got back early today to the mango.  It was raining in Hua Hin this morning and we decided it wasn't worth waiting around for it to stop as there would be little or no sunshine down there today.  But that's how it is this time of the year in the land of smiles.  Its only a couple of hours by car, and after breakfast, we packed and drove back.  Now we have the entire afternoon in the mango for something else.

All decked out to play
We did have a lot of fun yesterday with Marina on the beach.  It was her first time on the sand and in the water and she had a blast.  After her first experience with the sand (she got it all over herself, including a ton of it in her hair) - she began to run and scream down the beach in excitement.  Then it was to the water and we couldn't get her to stop playing in it.  With a name like Marina, how could it be anything else?  She loves the water and anything close to the water so we will have to make more trips down to the beach.

Our little spot is still here, but smaller due to the recent crackdown on beach chair encroachment

On the not so positive side, our little beach area is quickly being overrun by development and visitors.  We used to be able to park right next to the beach for free in a little alley way.  But when we arrived yesterday, the alley was full.  The beach vendor remembers us and always spends some time chit chatting. All around, new condo projects are popping up and the quiet little area is now a bee hive of activity.  Looks like we have to move further south and find another beach location soon to get away from the crowds.

Can we play in the water some more?

One tired little girl

Hua Hin was one of the places I though I would get a second condo at one time, but now as I see the rapid development of condos and the touristy place it has become, its not anyplace I would like to stay for any extended time.  Not that I don't like tourists, but the town has changed from a quaint little beach town to one where higher prices and tourist oriented business have driven the older smaller places out.  It to me is like Pattaya now, a good place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there.

Back in the mango for a couple of days and hopefully get one more chance at the archery range before going up to the resort next week.  Tonight, its the free buffet and some hanging out with the boys.......

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