Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bug out bag ready?

Lots of people think preppers are crazy.  They (the preppers) think of the worse cases of doom and gloom and are nuts to gather all their survival gear and supplies.  Hoarding of food, ammunition, and supplies is un-American because we all have to share and support each other in times of crisis right?  Have we forgotten Katrina and other disasters where the government was helpless for long stretches of time?  

Those that don't prep will be the first to perish.

For example, do you think the government is not worried?  With the 2nd Ebola case reported in Texas today, and the potential of many more who have been exposed, there is no telling how serious this can get.  The government knows, and its not telling you its buying lots of hazmat suits..

How many?  How about an order for 160,000 suits?  No big deal right...lots of people in the government right?.   But each suit cost $1200 apiece.     Total cost:  $192 Million.   Yep, they might get a bulk discount, but knowing the government, they will have custom government specs and the suits will cost twice as much instead of being discounted.

Almost $200 million for suits alone...what does the government know that you don't?

Oh, by the way, the government has also been stockpiling plastic coffins...hundreds of thousands of them too....

Five more days and I'm outta here!


  1. We can even prepare a Bug out Bag by our self and if you want to know about the complete list of items then you can search on internet as there are some websites giving information about the bug out bag List. We should use the technology’s benefit.

  2. A few of us already have BOB ready..for some time now even! Its a matter of just taking a little time to start one and to keep it up to date on a periodic basis. Keep it close to the door, or easily accessible and you will definitely sleep a lot better.

    I will re-post about my personal BOB from my past blog at a later time.


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