Thursday, October 9, 2014

Camera Repair in Bangkok

I thought I was smart a few months back and bought a pocket camera on eBay at a considerable saving.  The company was in Hong Kong and their prices were way cheaper than I could get from a US retailer.  The camera was supposed to be covered with a warranty, but as it turns out, it was not any good in the US nor Thailand.  Short of sending it back to Hong Kong, I had to get it serviced at my own cost if something went bad.

Canon Powershot S120, my pocket 'blog' camera

Well, something did go bad...the display was only showing half of the picture and the other half was distorted.  The display was not cracked nor damaged, it just suddenly happened one day after I turned the camera on.  Canon has a service center in Bangkok so I took it over to have it serviced and that's when I found out that there was no 'international' warranty on this camera.

Parts had to be ordered and after a month, my camera was ready for pick-up yesterday. They told me 3-4 weeks when I turned it in, which worked out perfectly as that coincided with my trip to California.  The total cost was 3700 baht, ($113 USD) including labor and taxes. etc.  Not so bad as I am sure it would be twice as much to service in California.  The center is very professional and sent me a SMS message to notify me when the repairs were done and the final cost.  They included the old part - which is the LCD screen plus the controller chip which hung from the LCD unit on a ribbon.  

So the information tidbit to share today is that Canon has a big service center at the Sathorn Square building in Bangkok.  Its connected to the Chong Nongsi BTS station right at the entrance to the building.  They repair all kinds of Canon products and their prices are fair and reasonable.  Knowing that, I have an older camera which I gave up on that I think I will have repaired next trip.  

Plans for today include a trip out to the archery range with Bangkok buddy.  He is going to try out his new bow and I will try to snap some pictures with the freshly repaired camera to see if it works properly.  More tomorrow.

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