Friday, October 10, 2014

Coffee in a bag

No pictures today of yesterday's session with Bangkok buddy at the shooting range.  We were too busy trying to get his bow tuned to the correct draw length and for him to begin shooting that I did not have time to pull out the camera for a few shots.  We rented two lanes side by side and I think I didn't even get to shoot more 25 arrows during the 1 hour we were allocated.

For his first time, BB didn't do too badly.  At least he didn't miss the target board, but I think that if he had to go out and hunt for survival, he would not bring back a meal for some time.  Yes, Bambi and Rocky the chipmunk are not in any imminent danger for the time being.  But archery is a lot of fun and he will progress quickly, especially if he puts in more time.

The title of the blog post today is coffee in a bag - which is what I had this morning from a new vendor next to the moo bing and gai bing man that I visit almost every morning.  I felt a need for a strong cup of java this morning as I was still suffering from jet lag.  The lady was brewing coffee and the line was pretty long so I thought, what the heck...lets give it a try.  Ten minutes later, I was on my way with my plastic 'bag' of coffee.

Its no Starbucks gourmet coffee with the fancy logo on the coffee cup, but it tasted great.  The price was 10 baht (30 cents) and put it in a Starbucks cup and you would not know any better. 

California is thinking of a statewide ban on plastic bags - but guess what?  In those counties that have already banned plastic bags, the streets are not any cleaner.  People there are pigs, and its impossible to legislate behavior by controlling bags.  Guess where some of those fancy Starbucks coffee cups end up?...yep on the street.  Here in the mango, entire meals are served in plastic bags for people to take home.  Everything from hot soup and noodles to bags of cooked rice is bagged in plastic.  Look very hard as you won't find tons of plastic bags on the street here.  

The free buffet is tonight.  Hope to meet up with some of the guys and hang out for a bit at the lobby.  It sure feels good to be back home and kicking back again.

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