Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Going to Hua Hin

We are going down to Hua Hin tomorrow for a couple of days of beach time.  The last time we were there in the area, we stayed near Cha Am due to the kite festival.  This time, we are going to revisit a small resort bungalow near our favorite beach next to Hua Hin.  Its off the beaten track and very quiet as far as tourists go, and the sand is clean and white.    Marina will also be old enough to play in the sand and water this time so this is kind of a special trip for us.

Do you believe in Deja Vu?  I do.  Many years ago, I took this photo during a visit to the same beach we are visiting.  Little did I know, I would soon  be a father of a little girl just like the one in this picture visiting the very same spot on the very same beach.  The little girl's and the woman's profile are ringers for how B and Marina look from the back.    This picture appeared in my blog header for quite a while -  about four years ago.  Little did I know, nor was I planning, to have a daughter at the time. Remnants of the blog still exist on wordpress at this site:   

At around the same time, I also had a dream that I was having a yogurt at Farm Chokchai with a little girl, sitting outside on one of the picnic benches.  And we did that a few months back...strange or just living out a dream or deja vu?

Planing to take some kites down and play in the water and sand.  Give my tired body and soul a bit of rest and then back to the mango for a few days before going back to the resort.  Have only a few more weeks before I head back to California again for the holidays and taxes, etc.  Every day is so precious here in the land of smiles that I treasure each moment of each day.

Hopefully, more from Hua Hin if we get to a free WiFi site.  I know our little bungalow place doesn't have any internet at all - maybe better that way if we get totally unplugged from the world for a couple of days.

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