Thursday, October 16, 2014

Headed back to the Mango tomorrow

I'm a bit sunburned after a day of golf.  There is no golf course up here near the resort, but my friends had arranged a golf outing at Pak Chong, about two hours from the resort.  Its about half way between Bangkok and the resort and one of the regular stops for our golf group.   Pak Chong is a favorite destination for affluent Bangkok residents who own homes near Khao Yai National Park.  In fact, there are some people whose homes have encroached on park land and is now the subject of seizure and destruction by the current government.  While the tourists head to the beaches, many of these rich and famous Thais head to the mountains where the weather is cooler and they can get some solitude from the madness we call the city of angels.

Rancho Charnvee Golf Club is a fabulous destination for golf and a holiday stay.  What other golf course has a boat in one of the lakes, which you must carry off the tee on the first hole?  There are horses and stables on the property and trails around the golf course where one can ride. Accommodations are both luxurious and varied.  Two bedroom villas are available for 20,000 baht per night, but smaller hotel rooms are available for those of normal means.

First Tee - carry over water to the fairway

Play some golf and see riders with their horses

Oh, did I tell you about the airport on the property too?   Yes, this resort has its own airport and landing strip for private planes.   To tell you the truth, I've never seen a private airplane here in the LOS - but according to my Thai friends, there are many private planes and pilots, its just that we don't normally see or meet them as they hang out with their own 'circle of friends', which we are typically not part of.  You know.... the same people who own million dollar cars, etc.

Fly in for 9 holes in the afternoon?

Didn't have a great day at the was expected as I've not played in 3 weeks and haven't been to the driving range in a long time.  Hit the ball well, but couldn't putt or chip worth a darn.  Working out in the gym really helps the power and ball striking, but one cannot play well without a short game and putting.  I just have to get out more and play!

Road back from home/resort to the mango
(now you see why its so hard to leave this place)

Plans are to try to get back to the mango tomorrow.  Super Glenn is in town and I told him I will try to have dinner with him before he leaves.  With B and Marina up here in the resort having so much fun, I think plans are subject to change.  I promised them that we would be back up here soon, after all, its home for us too.

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