Sunday, October 12, 2014

Headed upcountry today

Going upcountry today to the resort.  Haven't been there since I went to California and am anxious to see how the plants and trees have grown during this rainy period.  B's parents are anxiously waiting for Marina as always and the other kids are getting ready for another semester of school.

Went out to the archery range with Bangkok buddy yesterday.  I wanted to re-sight my bow and scope as I had taken everything apart to clean it the night before.  Also, Bangkok buddy was eagerly awaiting another chance to use his new bow.  We spent over two hours at the range shooting and getting some equipment repairs.  I had a couple of dozen arrows customized and also decided to buy the ArcheryThai range yearly membership.  The membership cost 6500 baht per year and allows one to shoot as often as you want, but limiting the use on weekends to two hours if people are waiting.  At the normal rate of 60 baht and hour, it would take only 110 hours to break even so it seems like a great deal.  At some point I think I might get bored shooting at the same range all the time, but to be realistic, there aren't that many ranges to choose from in the mango anyway.

So yesterday, I took a couple of shots of Bangkok buddy and his form looks a lot better this time out.  With more practice and familiarity with his bow, Bambi better watch out soon.....ha ha ha

Looking a lot better this time out...

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