Saturday, October 4, 2014

Heat Wave...

We're having our Indian Summer here in the Bay Area.  Its 5:20pm and its over 95F on this side of the Bay.  I guess its a warm-up for me as I get ready to return home to the mango.  Unfortunately, we are not prepared for this kind of weather here as it normally cool in this area, year round. Most of the homes in the area do not have air conditioning - especially the older ones.   The general pattern is three days of hot weather before the fog rolls in, so I am counting on the famous SF fog rolling into the bay tomorrow to cool things off.  

In the meantime, I've been trying to keep busy waiting for the weekend to arrive so that I can get on the plane.  Went to the archery range for some target practice and to tune my bow.  Also, out of curiosity, took along my google glass and was able to record a shot from the shooter's perspective.  Had to rush the shot as there was a 10 second limit but it came out better that I thought.

I'm shooting at the white 55 yard target (3rd from the left)

Thats it for today.  Only two more days to go.......

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