Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Home in the Mango

Feels good to be home.  Back in the mango after a long flight and smooth entry through immigration.  Got through immigration in about 5 minutes and then picked up all my luggage 10 minutes later.  Was in a taxi and headed back into the city within 20 minutes.  In less than an hour, I was unpacking and getting ready to meet Bangkok Buddy who was anxiously waiting for his bow.

It was obvious that the number of people at the airport was way down.  Whether its due to it being low season or the people staying away because of the recent problems, it was unlike the days when there were like 300 people in front of you in line.  The taxis are all queued up with LED stall numbers and there was also no waiting.

Just had some coffee with Bangkok Buddy at Starbucks.  He seemed very happy to get his bow and some other computer goodies that he ordered.  My bags nowadays are full of things that people order from the States and I feel like I'm a special delivery man at times.  

The time to visit the mango is now folks.  No competition for services and it looks like the prices are still quite reasonable.

Mango, how much I have missed you and why I call you home.......

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