Sunday, October 19, 2014

Quiet Weekend in the Mango

Got back to the mango on Friday and had a chance to go to the free buffet.  Met up with a few friends and ended up in the lobby for a few hours.  Super Glenn was leaving town the next day and because I forgot to take my phone back with me to the mango, I couldn't contact anyone until I bought a new simcard.  Thus I missed taking him out to dinner, but we did agree to a rain check when he gets back in a couple of months.

My simcard of choice is the 3G Tourist Inter Sim from True Move.  I like it because it offers a great calling rate to the US for as low as 1 baht a minute.  That equates to around 3 cents a minute, which is very reasonable.  I can conduct any business I need with a simple phone call instead of having to use some VOIP service like Skype or Line.  You also have access to all the True Move WiFi hotspots around the country and a decent data plan.

Great rates and decent quality

In the meantime, I have arranged for someone to carry my phone back with them as they will be coming back to the mango on Monday.  Its a good thing I have a few old phones laying around and all I needed was a new simcard from MBK for 49 baht to get going again.  

Went out to the archery range on Saturday for a couple of hours and had a lot of fun shooting and hanging out.  The range was packed and it was elbow to elbow room only.  My arrow groups are getting smaller but I still had one complete miss of the target board which was both a surprise and mystery as to how that happened.  The arrow landed in the dirt behind the target and was almost buried in mud - fortunately it was not damaged.

We were planning a trip to Hua Hin this week, but things are fluid right now as I have to wait for the delivery of my phone and B is taking some classes on how to do cosmetic tattoos and apply permanent makeup for women.  We may either be extending this service at our salon for our customers or she may want to work at one of the clinics in the mango that specializes in this kind of service.  Permanent makeup tattoos are the latest fad for women as it helps reduce the time for application of eye makeup and even lipstick!  It also creates features that correct imperfections due to age, illness, or birth defects.  Its really amazing how realistic the effects come out and the best thing is that it lasts for a long period of time.  Women can go to bed and wake up looking the same, unlike some now, who are  way different in the morning from how we saw them the night before..555

Once again, many foreigners are coming to Thailand for the cheaper prices to do the procedures here.  It costs about 1/5 the price of similar services back in their home countries.  

More later in the week if we do decide to go down to Hua Hin for a bit of R&R.  In the meantime, the mango is not such a bad place to hangout and have some fun.

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