Monday, October 13, 2014

Reporting in from upcountry

Its been busy for me today.  Having been away for almost a month, there was a lot to take care of.  There was the business end with receipts and bills and then there were the little maintenance items.  But all is in good order now.  The trees and plants continue to grow at a furious rate because its rainy season and the weather is pleasant and not too hot.

Some of our Plumeria trees got infected with rust fungus.  The undersides of the leaves are coated with this rust colored fungus that shoots up spores when agitated and infects other plants.  This happened last year too around this time of year too due to the high moisture content because of the rains.  We made up a solution consisting of baking soda, neem oil, and dish washing detergent and sprayed the leaves until they were wet.  We will have to repeat again in a few days until all signs of the infection are gone.  The neem oil also takes care of other pests like aphids and ants that might want to make a home in these trees.  

Whenever  possible, our resort uses non-toxic, DIY remedies for our pest problems.   I have to have natural, non-toxic insecticides because we have small kids like Marina wandering around.  She is at a age when she will periodically put something in her mouth to see what it will taste like..last thing we want is toxic stuff all over the place.

When I was in California the previous trip, I also brought back two large bottles of Orange Oil.  We use Orange and Neem oils to control most of our insect problems.  We have lots of ants and using Orange oil mixed with a bit of detergent will keep them at bay.  The Orange oil destroys the ant's  nervous system and exoskeleton, and the detergents helps to drown them as they try to get it off.  Its irritating to the eyes if sprayed on humans, but far from being toxic.  It dries quickly and if sprayed on vegetables, it will be non toxic and gone without any trace when its time to harvest.

We grow herbs, fruits, and vegetables on the resort for family consumption and are very careful about what we put on to the plants, including the fertilizers.  Half resort and half farm, we even have chickens in the rear of the property!  I'll try to have some pictures of some our home garden in future posts.

Marina is having a fun time running all over the resort.  Its far better for her to be up here rather than in the big mango because the air is fresher and the weather a bit cooler.  High 80s here today, with no clouds and a steady breeze...a slice of heaven in the LOS.

More tomorrow as I will try to set up the archery range for some play time.

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