Monday, October 6, 2014

Rough skies ahead?

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Just a few more hours and then its off to the airport and home to the land of smiles.  Was observing the weather report and it shows that a major typhoon is battering Japan at the moment.  That is right in the middle of our typical flight path from SFO to Taipei.  Normally, our flight goes over Japan on the last segment of the flight so even if we divert inland a bit to avoid the storm, it might be a bumpy ride this time.

Bags are almost all packed with last minute toilet items left and I have to tidy up a bit before taking off.  So far, this has been a very productive trip and hopefully some time late tomorrow I will be posting from BKK.  Still have a dinner planned with family and friends and then afterwards I will head off to the airport for the 1AM flight.

It will be great to be away from the elections and the crazy hype and political propaganda.  I remember once I was in BKK for the Bush/Gore election and the US Embassy was fooling enough to  host a party for all Americans in BKK.  The party dragged on and on when they could not declare a winner.  The embassy finally had to kick everyone out of the hotel as the food and  free drinks were driving them broke.   We know how that  election came out...hanging chads... and results not final for days.  This time, its going to be the late night results for the senate races.  I wonder if the embassy will be dumb enough to host another party.  

No more rambling ....more from Taipei.

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