Tuesday, November 18, 2014

alive and kickin in California

I'm still alive and kicking here in the golden state, despite a bit of jet lag.  The weather has been mild in the region while elsewhere in the nation, there is an early deep freeze and lots of snow.  Wore short sleeves today and felt comfortable and while the temperatures go down to the 30s and 40s in the surrounding areas at night, I have been indoors in the evenings.

Had a chance to meet and work with the kite team yesterday to build some new kites for next year.  We went to a large clubhouse in the Redwoods because one of the team members recently became president of his parlor and had privileges to reserve it for our use.  Located in Woodside, its smack in the middle of an unspoiled redwood forest.  Its such a beautiful setting that it looked like it was part of a movie set.  Tall, thick, and richly colored redwood trees as far as the eye could see - totally secluded and devoid of any sign of civilization and only 45 minutes of San Francisco.  Lived here all my life and didn't know this place even existed.  Its open space private property of the Native Sons, but there are homes in the vicinity that share the same forest and camping is available by special arrangement with the parlor that controls the lodge.  Didn't bring my camera, but this place is worth a re-visit over and over again.

Aside from some business, I've started to assemble my new bow for use here in California the next couple of months.  When I was in the land of smiles, I ordered a new compound bow as I planned to leave the other one in Bangkok.  Got a great deal on eBay for a Hoyt Faktor Turbo, with exactly my specifications.  So far, I've equipped it with a drop away arrow rest (AAE - DOA), a Stinger stabilizer, straps, Sure-Loc sights and am now waiting for a new viper scope for the sights.  Its set up for hunting and 3D,  and by just changing the stabilizers, I can also target shoot with it as well.

All this activity is in a way, my attempt to deal with  missing my daughter Marina so much.  I've called her every day and she babbles and I don't understand a thing she says, but it gives me some comfort to know that as each day passes, its another day closer to when I get back home to the mango.  Keeping busy helps pass the time and living here in California isn't that bad...it could be worse, especially back East.

More later in the week as we approach Turkey day and the other holidays.

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