Thursday, November 13, 2014

Getting ready to head out to the airport

In a short while, it will be that long ride out to the airport again.  I can't describe the feeling one gets when one is heading to the airport to leave the land of smiles.  Its a mixture of sadness and determination to return as soon as possible and a silent (but impractical) promise to never leave again.  Harder still is the fact that you are leaving loved ones behind.

I can't forget a tearful Marina as I hugged her this morning and how it eats one up inside to leave, even temporarily a small child.  Its not going to get easier as she gets older.  Two months is a long time in a small child's life.

Anyway, had a great dinner last night as a kind of going away event.  Met up with Bangkok buddy and Johnny Walker for dinner at Oishi and then had some coffee as the McDs nearby afterwards.  Johnny Walker says he is retiring next year so that will give him more time to stay over in the mango.   Got my last fix of cheap and good Japanese Buffets and hanging out at the mall.  

This morning, Vanna got all clean and shiny and she and the Zoomer have been covered up to keep them dust free.  All the stuff is out of the fridge and my maid, Pond will check in once a week to make sure things are OK.   The plan is to see if B can replace the floors of the condo while I am away.  If it can't be done, then I will do it when I get back as the wood floors have seen its day and it time for some granite tile floors.

That's it for now.  Maybe more when I get to the EVA lounge in BKK.  Definitely no posting from Taipei as I have a very quick connection today.

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