Sunday, November 23, 2014

Going to a big Birthday Party

One of the reasons I came back this time was to attend a party for a very special godmother.  She will be turning 95 this year, just a few years short of a century.  Her family is holding a very large birthday celebration for her today and friends and family from around the globe are attending.

Cora is a special lady.  Having lived through the second World War in the Philippines, she ran and hid in the forest and trees during the attacks and occupation by the Japanese.  Agusto, a Catholic Priest who received dispensation  from the Pope for leaving Priesthood, became her husband in the 50s.  

I met them 22 years ago during the period of my faith formation.  They took me in as a family member, gave me guidance, and helped me renew my Christian faith from childhood.  Augusto died nearly twenty years ago, but  I've stayed in contact with Cora and even enjoyed holiday trips with her and her extended family.  So today, I want to wish 'Mama', as all her family calls her, a very very happy 95th birthday and will be waiting for my invitation to your 100th birthday!

On a different topic, I completed all the paperwork on my new car purchase and am schedule to wire the money to pay for the car on Monday morning.  My estimate is that if all goes well, the car will be delivered from Florida the week after Thanksgiving!  I've already starting shopping for a car cover and have located a highly rated Mercedes mechanic in my area.  Can't believe I finally have my very own 560sl!

A little bit on entertainment on the restore project of another SL from the TV show "Wheelers and Dealers"

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