Monday, November 3, 2014

In the Mango for the weekend

We were in the mango for the weekend.  Not much of anything happening here except to get some shopping done and a few items taken care of before my trip back to California in about two weeks.  Had a chance to go to the free buffet last night and ended up meeting the guys and chatting about a few things at the lobby.

Singapore Jimmy and I had a discussion on fiat currencies, and agreed that changes are in the wind.  For me, its obvious that the reserve currency of the dollar is in its last few days.  Why the market and the dollar continues to climb is defying logic, but that was exactly the way it was before the real estate crash.  Gold continues to drop in price and its a signal for me to buy some more.  I'm not the only one as the gold stores in Bangkok were full this weekend with shoppers.  The price is around 18,000 per baht for Thai gold.  

The inevitable monetary crash will lead to some drastic measures from the government.  The worst of my concerns is the restriction on travel and confiscation of assets.  A 'broke' uncle Sam will be desperate for an enslaved population and their assets and will not let those flee the country en mass.   If I happen to be on the wrong side of the bookend when things do hit the fan, I need to think of how I can make my way back here.  Some may think this is crazy thinking, but how many people ever thought that real estate would actually go down in value before the bust in 2008?

That being said, the plan is to enjoy myself during these last few days here even more.  Went to the archery range yesterday - even though BB cancelled out due to a headache and stuff nose.  He thought he might be coming down with something and didn't want to over-exert himself.  Maybe he will join me later in the week before I go upcountry for Loy Krathong.  The range was full, but not as crowded as the week prior and they finally got my A&W Root beer back in stock!

Plans are to go to Bobae Market today and to visit the salon for the end of month receipts.  Bobae has been the only place I've been able to find some production wicking polo shirts.  At times, the export shops offer great deals on one or two shirts, but this one shop in Bobae sells the Cool Plus shirts in all sizes and colors which we need for the resort.  Plan on picking up a few for the trip to California as well as they feel just a good as cotton without the moisture loading issues.

Not so much time for blogging as Marina is definitely starting her terrible twos, but its not a really bad case of the twos.  She is such a joy to be with and her innocent tribulation of trying to be herself at this age is sometimes so very funny.  Wouldn't trade it for anything else as every kid goes through this stage.   I will miss her terribly when I go to California next week.

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