Thursday, November 20, 2014

Just bought an older Car!

Back in September, I posted that I was looking for an emerging classic car.  I like classic cars for both their history and the fact that the value of the car will increase over time rather than decrease (that is according to theory anyway).  Well today I finally got my wish.  I picked up a 1989 Mercedes 560SL, in ivory, with a brown interior.  This was my preferred color, with white being my second choice.

I like the looks of the old R107 cars and do not like the curvy versions of today.  Many agree and think this is one of the best looking cars that Mercedes has produced.

The problem is that its in Florida, so I will have to make arrangements to have it shipped here to California.  Last time I checked, its going to cost another 2K to have it shipped here in an enclosed transport vehicle.  No matter, I've loved this car since I was young and now I will have one of my very own.  Don't worry, I expect it to be a money pit, but I didn't buy this car to save money...if I wanted to go that route, I would have bought a used Prius.  This car is for my third of those lust purchases on one's bucket list.  This is a luxury cruising sedan with two tops...convertible on those nice days and either a cloth or hard top for more incremental weather.

With the hard top on

With the soft top

The great thing about these old cars, for now, is that they are still reasonable.  Got this one for less than my 2000 Honda CRV and less than half of a new car today.  With my CRV going over 200K miles now, this little sweetie with only 100K miles is going to my back up car.  Yes, she will be babied...

Will post more as I get things all paid for and arrangements to have it shipped.

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