Friday, November 7, 2014

Loy Krathong Upcountry

We are back in the mango now because we wanted to get back early to avoid the bad weather and traffic predicted for tomorrow.  Supposed to be a big storm heading from China that will bring lots of rain and cold to central and northern Thailand.  

During 8-12 Nov, another high pressure area from China will extends to upper Thailand. Thunderstorm and morning cool with 2-3 °C is expected over the North and the Northeast. The stronger northeast monsoon will prevail over the Gulf and southern Thailand.
       The advisory will be effect on 7 November 2014
       Issued at 05.00 p.m.

Last night after dinner we had a lot of fun launching our sky lanterns at the resort.  It was virtually a windless night so the lanterns rose very high and out of sight.  We bought plenty so all the family and extended family had a chance to launch at least one.  

The lanterns come in flat packages

Attach the waxed core and center on the wires

Everyone is getting into the act now

Mommy, Dad and Marina looking on in awe
Wow, this really does fly!

Afterwards, B's mother wanted to go into Ban Khwao, where there was a larger celebration.  Ban Khwao is famous for its Mudmee Silk and also one of the places we go for their fresh market.

Local Beauty Contest
Last night, they converted the area in front of the market into a large celebration area.  They had the traditional Loy Krathong beauty contest (for all the guys that didn't have any luck bringing anyone to the celebration), dancers, and a small pond in the middle of the area where people floated their Krathongs.
The local pond where the Krathongs are pushed off

Mom and Dad launching theirs

Marina has her very own Krathong too!

Krathong Contest...Can this one even float?
 Naturally, there was food being sold everywhere and even the local VIPs came out in force to sample the offerings.

Lots of food being sold

Politicos turning out for the occasion

The celebrations are not as large or fancy as those in the major cities or towns, but these are set up and staged for locals and not tourists.  Its feels a lot like a local county fair...exactly what I love about being up here in the country... living, seeing and experiencing the real land of smiles and not something set up by the hotel or travel industry for packaged tours.  

In the mango tonight so its off to the free buffet and a bit of hanging out...

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