Sunday, November 30, 2014

My Black Friday...

While the people went a into a frenzy yesterday, running from store to store looking for lost leader 'bargains' I stayed home.  Crazies here have been in line for days in front of such retailers like Best Buy waiting for those crazy 51" TV sets for $200, etc.  Tents, sleeping bags, and barbecue cookers lined the front of the stores and Thanksgiving dinners were cut short for the sake of getting that 'bargain'.  Its become more of a sport in hunting for bargains than the merchandise itself.

I did find a few online bargains yesterday on Amazon.  But what I have found in both the local and online promotions are products that are not really popular if left to its normal price.  Many had very bad reviews about design defects, poor quality, and some of the merchandise might be store returns or floor samples that have been on the shelves for months.  Even on Black Friday, the buyer should beware.

I bought just two items yesterday.  A Kershaw blur knife and a spotting scope.   Neither are expensive but I know why they were on sale.  For example, the blur knife is a hot seller if it was black, but what was on sale was the version in red.  Not too many people want a red tactical style knife...but I didn't care, so it was a bargain at $35 when the retail is $109.  I like the red as it would be easier to find when I put it down or drop it.  The scope had it limitations and is useful primarily as a target range scope problems as I did not plan to go hunting with it anyway.

Its a strange feeling to be here in California this time of year.  Most years, I will be in the mango and covering the Motorshow.  Unfortunately, there will not be an International motorshow  presentation this year....the pretties will have to wait until next time.  Its definitely better to be in the Mango, as one doesn't have to deal with the crazy demonstrations going on here.  They broke windows and looted some stores at Union Square yesterday.  

Couple of  more days...and the MZB will be here.  Thinking of naming her Victoria but that may change as that name hasn't stuck to me like Vanna did when I got her.  Maybe I will name her Valarie...or an old German name - Velda.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.........

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