Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Re-booked my trip back to LOS

With just a few days left on this end of the bookend, I am trying to squeeze as much as I can of life here for my time away.  While the time away will be during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays in the States, its going to be away from home.  Thailand is a Buddhist country that doesn't officially celebrate Christmas nor Thanksgiving, but Bangkok does get all jazzed up for the New Year season by decorating the malls and the area in front of Central World Plaza.  I will also miss New Year celebrations upcountry at the resort, where we visited the local Wat with their elaborate shows and putting on our very own little fireworks display.

The good news is that I will get to experience the insanity of  black Friday, the commercialism and exploitation of  the Christmas season, and cold weather again.  Haven't put on a long sleeve shirt in three months (when I left a month ago from California, we were having a heat wave), it will be fun to put on long sleeves and a jacket again and drink a hot cup of coffee and watch the steam come up from the cup.   I will also get to see my grand daughters and kids and eat real pizza and real hamburgers from In and Out Burger.   Or did I mention I missed the taste of good old American beef?...a Big T-Bone and some juicy prime rib for the holidays would help me forget the LOS for a while.

But I know I will miss Marina terribly, even though we have set up ooVoo for video calls as often as we like.  ooVoo is a neat app that allows you to video chat with up to 12 people at the same time, plus it cross platform - meaning that you and your friends can have it on the iPhone, Android, and even the desktop PC.  But video chat its just not the same as being here at home.

Last, how much do I miss this place?  I already booked my return flight back to the LOS.  For those that are interested, EVA is running a promotion on their website for flights from SFO to BKK.  If you travel in the next two weeks, you can get over here for around $920.  Elite class flyers have a promotion lasting until May, and you can apply mileage towards the purchase price.

Two more days....might go out to the archery range one more time today.

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