Wednesday, November 26, 2014

She is on the way.........

My 560SL is on the way from Florida.  They picked up the car today at 1PM Eastern time and according to the shipper, the car will be here next Monday.  That is only six days and when I checked last, it was over 48 hours of drive time.  That means the driver will be doing at least 8 hours a day for six days, including the Thanksgiving weekend.  I'm sure I will not be the only vehicle on the truck, but a least it will be enclosed and protected from the elements during its cross country journey.

Had great service so far from the transport company, United Routes Transport.  Now, its just a matter of waiting 

First time to buy a car from out of State.  Already investigated if the car would be California Compliant and fortunately all 89 560SL were 50 State compliant, including smog devices required for California during that year.  It still needs to pass a smog test, but that's going to be another bridge when I get there.

Regarding Ferguson, Mo., I'm am glad that the Grand Jury was brave enough to not cave in to the political pressure and returned a logical decision to not indict or go to trial.  It was both a good decision and saved millions in what would have been a politically charged trial - that would have come to the same conclusion - fanning the flames of discontent.   Many in both the media and activist groups had tried to turn this incident into some kind of civil right movement of the present era, only to fall flat on their faces when the facts came out.  I'm sorry, but the kid was a thug and criminal and he was responsible for losing his own life, not the officer trying to do his job.  

Its unfortunate, but other lives will be lost by these protests and it gives the world a very bad impression of the already tarnished image of the USA.  

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