Friday, November 14, 2014

Touch down in California

Here in California, safe and sound.  Uneventful trip with a short layover in Taipei.  Even with all that, the flight was 30 minutes early.  Total time from Bangkok to San Francisco :  40 minutes.

Yep, left at 5:20pm on the 13th and arrived here in California at 6PM, on the 13th.  Never mind the time differences and International date line least it wasn't one of those cases where I get back before I left!  One loses a day going to Asia, and gets the day back when coming the other way. It doesn't matter that much now, but it sure was important when I was still working and counting the vacation days.  Now, after retirement, its an unpaid vacation day every day....right?

Going to make my base here for the next couple of months.  Celebrate the holidays, get my tax stuff done, and get back the the land of smiles as soon as possible.  More later and it was a tiring trip...all 40 minutes of it.

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