Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Tough ride up to the resort today

It was raining cats and dogs today on the way up to the resort, but once here, there is no least for now.  On the way up here, there were a least three major crashes that we saw due to the heavy rains.  Two involved buses and the others involved a number of big rigs that either flipped over into the center ditch dividing the highway or on the side of the road.  Traffic was a mess.

The rain gets really heavy here in the LOS and if you are driving, there is always the chance of hydro-planing off the slick roadways.  Although the roads and highways in Thailand are generally smooth and well maintained, they are not designed for heavy rainfall...such as having several inches of water over the entire surface.  There are no grooves in the curves to help drain water faster and provide traction, and in some cases, not enough rise on the center of the road for water to rapidly drain off to the sides.  All this makes for dangerous conditions during heavy rainfall.

Also,  the Thai drivers also don't seem to know how to drive slick roadways.  Most of the rain in the LOS happens very quickly and is over very quickly, unlike in California where the rain can last days or even a couple of weeks.  If it ever snowed in Thailand, it would be such a comic scene as the locals can't even stand a bit of wet weather, let alone slick icy roads....

So now, we are waiting for the storm to hit up here tonight as it hasn't rained here at the resort yet today.  Dark, overcast and heavy clouds at 4pm - From what we've seen already, its going to be a gully washer.

Looks like the Republicans took over the Senate and its going to be nasty couple of years left in the present administration's term.  My expectation is for the economy to tank big time and the market to have a massive correction as the elections are completed.  Much of the artificial rise in the market and funky economic numbers were politically motivated and as soon as the elections were done, the real truth will be unveiled. There was no longer the need or opportunity to prop up the economy and numbers to get re-elected. The tanking economy got the democrats in office during Obama's first run in 2008, and it will be what they will bring out with them before the year or term is over.  

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