Saturday, December 27, 2014

A Christmas present to myself

I backed a kickstarter project and gave this to myself for NEXT Christmas.  It won't be available until next year around Christmas - so I'm a year early.  Kickstarter is a website that helps new ideas get funded by offering specials to backers.

Why a bullet proof baseball hat?   I think its a great investment for that end of the world as we know it scenario or just something to bring along hunting, shooting, etc. as a piece of safety equipment.  Just like a helmet when riding your bike.  The nice thing is that this hat offers protection without looking like a military helmet and drawing a lot of attention.  

Why didn't I think of this? ...greatest thing since sliced bread.  You can stil get in on the action.  See this website:

Oh, you can also get special designs and logos put on the hat at extra charge.

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