Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Clean Water

Long before your food runs out in a TEOTWAWKI situation, or just a prolonged interruption of services, there is a good chance that you might die of thirst first if you don't have enough water or liquid stored.  Many prepers have tons of food stashed away, but few have enough water.  I hear all the time that someone has 'two months of food' stored thinking that would be enough.  Well, unless you have two months of water stored too, its kind of pointless as food without water is only 1/2 of your dietary needs.  What if the need goes beyond two months?  Can you survive 6 months without tap water?  Its a fact that people can survive longer without food than water - especially in hot climates.

Storing 6 months of water is not very practical for the city dweller or condo resident like myself.  Aside from the lack of space, the weight and equipment needed would make it impractical.  So the only answer is to get a renewable way of getting fresh water.  Two thoughts come to mind.  First is a way to collect fresh water.  With the rains we have had in the Bay Area the last few weeks, it would be easy with a plastic sheet, some poles, and large containers to collect enough rainwater to last through the near term for a few weeks.  

Secondly, when no rainwater is available, then the other alternative is to get dirty water and filter it.  At least this would allow a way to use water from ponds, creeks, etc as a source of last resort.  

Family Edition

Enter the EarthEasy LifeStraw.  This easy to use filter can provide enough drinking water for a family of five for over 3 years.  This award winning filter is easy to use, requires no power, and is highly effective.  Anyway, for those interested, Woot has a great deal on them today.  http://www.woot.com/offers/eartheasy-lifestraw-family-1-0-2?ref=cnt_dly_wobtn

I bought two of them.  Plan to bring one home to the land of smiles.  We have a pond across the resort and having this filter insures we have a steady supply of clean drinking water for three years.  Not too bad for a $50 USD investment.

Its not bug out bag size, but something that can be used when you decide to bug out in place, which may be the best choice at times, depending on the situation.  For bug out bags, its best to use a portable, hand held water purifier and a water bottle to keep things light.

Bug out bag version good for 1000 liters

Portable, bug our bag version 2
Never can tell when the sh*t will hit the fan, it seems with all that has happened in the last week or so that it can't be too far away.  Just hoping that I can get back to the LOS before all hell breaks loose.  At least my airline ticket is all paid for.

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