Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Lucky Day!

Managed to snag two OnePlus one phones today.  Got the 64GB versions in black on their special promotion of their 1st birthday.  Getting one of these phones has been hard because sales were limited to invitees only.  But today, they had about 10,000 of them for sale without invitation and I was lucky enough to hear about the promo from one of their social media sites.  Anyway, they didn't last long as by the time I was finished with my payment, they were already sold out and the promo is now off their website.

Why all the excitement over a phone?  Well, this phone is a significant departure over the normal process of buying highly marked up phones via layerd distribution channels, resellers, and telephone companies.  This high end, high spec phone is about 1/2 the price of their brand name counterparts.  The components are top notch and build quality is excellent.  Reviewers have been raving about this phone's performance, speed, quality, and price.  Detailed features here:

 For many, this is as exciting as a new iPhone release - people reselling the phones for a hefty profit on ebay, etc. Anyway, I got mine today and hopefully it will arrive before Christmas.....can't wait....Santa, please hurry!  B is going to have to wait for hers until next month...555

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