Tuesday, December 30, 2014

One of these could save your life (or Someone else's life)

As I was going through some blogs on survival, I noticed something that I was missing in my bug out bag.  Specifically it was emergency supplies to handle major bleeding wounds or trauma.  This could be a result of a big accidental cut, a fall, or even a wound from a knife or gun.  Sometimes is not the wound itself that kills, but the subsequent bleeding that can cause death.

To that end, I've purchased a couple of products from Amazon.  The first is a product from Adventure Medical Kits, called their "Trauma Pak".  It comes complete with a variety of dressings and bandages for a wide range of injuries.  What I like especially is the Quikclot, which is used to quickly clot the blood and hopefully stop the bleeding until more extensive medical services can be provided.  Amazon has these for $20 and it along with the Israeli Battle dressing makes a perfect combination to handle most trauma issues.

These are also good to have in the car, along with a first aid kit.  I am bringing a couple back to the LOS with me, one to put up in the resort and the other for my car.  When traveling in Thailand, one could be quite a distance from the nearest medical facility and being trained in first aid and use of basic trauma supplies is good insurance for survival.

Here are a couple of video of how they are intended to be used:

Here is the video on the battle dressing.

Like all things, these are not a necessity but an 'insurance' or 'what if" product.  Something that you hope that you will never have to use.  But if you need one and don't have one...then it far too late to order it online from Amazon....even with prime delivery.

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