Sunday, December 28, 2014

Publishing My Blog Book

One of the Front Covers
Finally after all these years, I've decided to publish a book with all my blog posts since 2005.  I should have said a few books as there are multiple volumes.    Its been nine years and after 1800 posts and over 2000 comments, it was time to make sure that I had something to keep and read should they decided to shut down blogger or god forbid, there is a massive computer crash and I lose all my posts.  

It will also provide some great reading material when I get old, and maybe someday one of my kids will be able to read it and get a clear picture of these wonderful years in my life - where I was, what I was doing, thinking, and even eating.  It took five volumes for all the archived files.  Unfortunately, I lost about two years of photos for the blog when I accidentally deleted them from Picassa a few years back.  Another reason to capture it in print form - human errors.  

I am using a service called Blog2Print.  It interfaces with your blog and captures all the posts in a selected date range or the entire blog if its not too large.  It then formats the pages into book form and allows one to design the front cover, back cover, etc.  Depending on the number of pages, you have a number of options for the cover material.  You can select a hardcover with binding or a softcover depending on your budget.  There is a limit of around 500 pages for each book so that is why I had to do a number of volumes to capture all nine years of posts.  

sample of pages inside book.  Full color photos

For now, there will be only one copy of the books and I have no plans to publish it for public consumption.  Don't think there will be any interest  and the cost per copy is prohibitive  (typically over $125 each).  But as they say....memories are priceless!

Custom Back Cover

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