Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Shadow DID know

Back in the early days of the military coup, I wrote that certain countries, the US being one of them, really tried to derail the change and attempted to put the previous people back into office.  There was more than the usual interest taken for this tiny little country in southeast Asia.  

I wrote back then:

One pet peeve I have is how the US and some of its blossom buddies like the UK and Australia continue to admonish Thailand about the coup.  Its obvious they have something more than a passing interest in the welfare of the Thai people when they are pressing for early elections and democracy.  Its really hypocritical when the US has in the past not only supported dictators but instigated regime change in the self interest of Wall Street and other special interests.  Or is the support of the ousted government to protect some deep dark secrets, like maybe the details of the hidden prisons where we kept POWs for 'enhanced interrogation".  Only the shadows knows.

Well today, after the release of the CIA report, its confirmed that Thailand was one of the sites where 'enhanced interrogation' and torture took place.  It also meant that the ruling party and government at the time not only gave permission, but covered up the situation from the Thai people as well as the world.  No wonder that the out stead party has such pull in trying to get the new government condemned around the globe.  It makes sense now...the US had its dirty little hands in the country like in many others and was trying to keep it secret.

From Today's paper:

Thailand's 'detention Site Green'
After al-Qaida operative Abu Zubaydah was arrested in Pakistan, the CIA received permission to use waterboarding, sleep deprivation, close confinement and other techniques. Agency officials added unauthorized methods into the mix, the report says.
Zubaydah was held in a secret facility in Thailand, called "detention Site Green" in the report. Early on, with CIA officials believing he had information on an imminent plot, Zubaydah was left isolated for 47 days without questioning, the report says. Later, he was subjected to the panoply of techniques. He later suffered mental problems.   

The shadow did know...555  

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