Friday, December 19, 2014

The Sony Hack

A lot is being debated in the media regarding the Sony Hack as if this was something new and out of the blue.  But for some time now, many of us have been warning about the vulnerability of digital data over the internet.  I had even taken my blog off public publication a couple of times over the same issues.  I believe then and now that NOTHING ON THE OTHER SIDE OF YOUR KEYBOARD IS SECRET.  Post to Facebook, or any other social media and that data will be available forever and to everyone, no matter what 'privacy' features the vendors say they provide.  

If someone is interested in your secrets, then they can get it if they have the right knowledge or skills.  Why are the other Hollywood companies so scared?...they've all got many damaging secrets that are vulnerable to hacking and they don't want to be the next target.
Secondly, a lot of talk is about a cyber war that is about to begin, but once again, a little known fact is that this war has been going on for some time.  The West used cyber warfare against Iran to disable their computers connected to the development of their nuclear weapons.  We spend billions to spy on other countries, including monitoring private phone calls of people around the world.  Have we forgotten all the stuff that Edward Snowden released just a few months ago?  We (USA) didn't get all that information via the TMZ channel!  

Now that the tables are turned and we find we are as naked as everyone else in the world when it comes to internet privacy, there is this big alarm bell ringing.  We should have known better.  These hackers are smart people - all they need is an internet connection, a laptop, and they can bring down an empire.  No need for large missiles, warships, and airplanes....why?, because they can all be controlled via digital commands.  Shoot off a missile and it can be re-directed back at you...scramble the GPS and radar and your planes are lost...yada yada yada.   

The reality is that those that say a cyber war is starting is absolutely right.  In the future, those with the best internet skills, digital skills, and drone technology will be the super powers of the new world order.  Drone armies, robot soldiers, EMP power grid attacks, and even monetary system destruction will be the new weapons of war.  Sounds futuristic?...well seems like the future is closer than we think...just ask Sony.

An EMP attack only takes ONE nuclear warhead, exploded high in the atmosphere.

This also implies that even if the burst took place 1000 miles from the West coast, that it could still knock down the western half of the US

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