Sunday, December 21, 2014

Went to see the Christmas Lights!

After seeing the YouTube videos of this light display and seeing it on TV, I had to make a trip to see this house in person.  I was in the area anyway as I had a scheduled dinner with my godmother in the Hayward/Union City area.  Featured on Good Morning America several times, in the running for the best light shows in the Nation contest, and having more than 3 million hits on YouTube, this display is totally unbelievable in real life.  For some that are in attendance, comments like "makes Vegas seem like kindergarden", etc. are heard as well as oohs, and wows. I can affirm that seeing it live vs video adds an element of crowd reaction and viewing scope that cannot be captured by cameras.

I'm sure the local police will come in an spoil the fun soon as the traffic was pretty bad

The light show consists of about 30 minutes of choreography to various holiday songs, including the highly popular and controversial Star Wars routine (controversial as in "what does Star Wars have to do with Christman?).  It starts at 6PM  and ends at 10PM and a word of gets crowded!  The house is located in a quiet neighborhood in Newark and it will strain neighborly relations to the fullest during the holidays.  But for the people and kids that make it there, its magical.

Remember its all for the kids.

The music is piped softly so that those in near proximity can hear it, but there is also a private FM channel set up on 99.9 so that one can listen in the car and/or with an FM radio in whatever volume one desires.  As I said in the last post, I feel lucky to be here in California during the holidays this year...this is one reason why.  The creator is not charging anyone to see it nor is he making any money.  In fact, he is encouraging those that like it to donate to the Church he belongs to for their free meals program via paypal.  So its all for charity and giving back to the neighborhood.

Those lucky enough to be in front.

Anyway, I've added one more funny video from the collection of light shows being shown now.

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