Friday, January 9, 2015

A bit over a week to go...

Just a few more days and I will be boarding that big silver bird back home to the Land of Smiles.  I can't say that its not soon enough...because the sooner the better.  Will be spending this week getting all my shopping and last minute errands done so that I can start packing next week.  And then there is the list of stuff for family and friends that need to be either obtained or packed...For example, B ordered two pairs of special sandals, special vitamins and supplements for one of my Thai Friends, B's mother wants some Glucosamine, etc...

Got my blog books from Blog2Print.  They look great and I'm glad I made the investment to preserve it for the future.  The quality is excellent and my photos also came out great.   Might bring them over to LOS, but they are a bit heavy.  Will likely split them up and bring one or two volumes on each trip.

five volumes of blog posts and ramblings 
One other product that is worth commenting on is the new Oneplus One phone that I got last month.  After using it for almost three weeks now, I can only say that the hype about this phone is true.  Its not hype, but its for real. Its fast, its solid, and its real.   Its by far not the best in any category (speed, UI, battery life, camera, etc.) but its very very good in nearly every category for 1/2 the price of the equivalent top flagship phones by the major brand names (i.e. Samsung, HTC, Apple).  Its unlocked and ready to be used on most GSM carriers and it will soon be getting Android 5.0, lollipop.   I am going to use it in place of my Samsung if B doesn't want it, which I seriously doubt.

penny or baht or whatever...who's counting????

Yep,  as you can see I am missing the land of smiles big time....

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